• We are a group of three Forensic Scientists who use to be in the business of developing natural cleansing products for the body and hair. One of us even developed Hair, Urine and Saliva drug test for the large drug testing companies. This guy really knows about Toxins.

  • We were the guys developing the cleansing products for Body, Hair and Oral cleansers that you are buying in the stores like GNC so we know what it takes to preform a Hair and Scalp cleanse.

  • We developed the solutions to do Hair and Scalp cleansing out of the need for good hair cleansing information. Nobody out there was doing that. We ourselves had to do total body cleansing to prepare mentally to get jobs and for other reasons.

  • One of us use to work for the largest maker of Total Body Detox products in the Industry. So we know how to make the Detox products that really work.

  • We took this combination of experience and started Hair Detox Friend in 2004.

  • Since 2004 we have helped over 80,000 people and counting.

  • We have over a 98% success rate.

  • If you need real help please use us.

  Learn How to Cleanse the Hair Of Toxins     Learn How to Cleanse the Hair Of Toxins

  • A live person to speak with, answer questions and concerns before you take your Hair Detox cleanse. We give you a phone number to call. There are no time limits either call as often as you like. Once you purchase we are under contract to help to remove any specialized toxins at your request. We can manipulate the formulas based on the toxins you need to remove. Again, once purchased, we can speak freely about the individual toxins you want to remove.
  • An email address to a live person that will respond in 24 hours or less to any questions you may have. We are here to help remove the pressure from you completely.
  • The proven formulas that were developed by 3 Forensic Scientists who have worked in the total body detox field for over 10 years. We were the guys developing the products you were buying in GNC. We know what it takes to pass.
  • We stand behind our product and services fully.
  • Also access to 2 other formulas for preforming a Oral Detox Cleanse and Body Cleanse at no extra cost. Thats the top 3 Hair, Oral and Body Detox cleansing programs, you are protected.

Learn How to Cleanse the Hair of Toxins        Learn How to Cleanse the Hair of Toxins

When i called Total Detox Friend, I got to speak with the owner directly. He was compassionate and very knowledgeable. After discussing why i needed the detox, he confidently told me i wouldn't need the detox. My system would be cleared before i even took my test! He told me he didn't want me to pay money for something i didn't need! He was right! If i ever need his services in the future, I will totally call him again. He was very friendly and gave me peace of mind! Since then, I've referred 4 people to Total Friendly Detox. I feel good referring them to such a great company that really is trying to help people! Thank you Total Detox Friend! Trey

Well TDF!!! THE CLEANSE REALLY WORKED!!!!!!!!!  Your cleansing process removed all the alcohol out of my system!! You should start advertising that for the benefit of your BUSINESS! I CLEANSED MY BODY OF ETHANOL!

I am out of that probationary period in my life that was holding me back. Thanks!

N.S Iowa 2015

I recently contacted you and purchased the Total Detox Friend package. It worked wonderfully! I was so nervous when I first started the cleansing process, but it turned out great. I also had to do a Oral Detox Cleanse the next week. You guys hooked me up at no additional charge and it felt great. I have referred a few people to you that need real help also and am sure you will take care of them as you did me. I love my Total Detox Friend. Best money I spent in a long time.

 Dustin Walter, Idaho 2015


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